¡Una nueva etapa!

A new stage!

This week I will close one of Meh's most beautiful stages. Almost 6 years ago, my grandmother offered me a place that belonged to her and I remember her words perfectly: "little girl why don't you dare and we open a little store there, you will do well, you will see" And well ... That moment was crazy, because I had a job, I was in my last cycles, but I felt that I could not miss that opportunity. My greatest fear was that this store was not in any commercial area since it was on a little-traveled avenue in Cercado de Lime.

Quite apart from my fears, the idea of having a store excited me so my mommy, my grandmother and I did a whole change: we painted and remodeled it and it was beautiful. (I'll leave you a photo of when we opened it).

You can't imagine how I felt, it was the investment of my life. I remember the first day we opened on a Saturday, I arrived, I opened the whole store and I thought: And now, will someone come? That day he made it clear to me that when you do things from the heart, they start to work.

Uyyy I have a thousand anecdotes from those first months like when I was attending or like the second day we opened and they gave me S / .400 false soles ... Can you imagine? Well ... they gave me a welcome to the neighborhood and many lessons that have made me the person I am now. And so ... the years went by, Meh began to grow little by little, I opened a store in Gamarra that lasted very little, I opened Meh Magdalena and finally I made the decision to leave everything to dedicate myself to my company. It was indeed a difficult decision, but I will tell you that story another day.

And of course like everything in life, there are cycles that one has to close to keep moving forward. And I will not lie to you, it has been one of the most difficult decisions in my short life as an entrepreneur, it has been one of those where emotions come together and make your task even more difficult. But what I have clear is that one has to keep moving forward and that is why next Friday the 28th we will permanently close our first store. Why? Well, because our OUTLET will move and soon I will tell you where.

I am closing a beautiful stage in my life, full of learning, beautiful people who supported Meh since we started, but the good thing about it is that the memories will always remain in my mind.

And when a door closes, a new one always opens ... so we go with everything, because to fulfill some plans small sacrifices are needed.

Thank you for trusting me from the beginning Mommy, Grandma and Rosita who worked with me all this time in that store.

What if I have to tell you is that there is MEH for a while 😜 ♥ ️
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