¡Tu Camisa Blanca para todo!❤️

Your White Shirt for everything! ❤️

Do you love your white shirt but don't know how to vary it in your putfits? Do not worry, it usually happens when we like a garment so much that we use it thousands of times but due to "limitations" only on unique occasions. In the case of shirts, we think that they can only be used for formal meetings, interviews, etc. but it is just a matter of trying and letting your creativity play. Here are some examples, I hope you like them:


1.Ladies Night, with this cold weather putting something short on top can play us badly later so I played a bit with the textures to create a night look with a sexy touch that is still comfortable. I combined a semi open white shirt, some chains to give it a little more color. For the bottom part, a leatherette pants that in itself already gives us the complete look at night. I proposed some stilettos but if you like you can use high heels with a platform.


 2. "Comfy always", sometimes we want to wear something comfortable, loose, but without looking untidy, so taking into account these two important things I chose a cargo pant, a garment that I love because I find it versatile and easy to wear even on any body , so you have no excuses. I wanted to wear the shirt tied so as not to wear it inside the pants as it usually happens to complete the look, the inevitable Hi-Top Boots by Meh x Wininie go with the wave of the look and stylize us. 

3. Just Chill, If you want an outfit that does not make you doubt what you are wearing, use the basic combination: shirt and denim. As we have said many times, denim can save us when we do not want to spend hours choosing what to wear. In this case, I wore black skinny jeans with a somewhat special rip on the back but the truth is, it doesn't bother me at all. The white shirt a little open to be able to put only one side inside the jean, I think that to finish I would use white sneakers to achieve a classic "black and white"

Sometimes it's not easy I know! But there is something you should always remember, fashion and clothing is for fun. Let your personality and your instincts create outfits that are totally yours and help you feel unique in your day-to-day life. 

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