Rebels ¿Como nació?

Rebels How were you born?

Many do not know the history of Rebels and today I want to share it with you. The first day I met Renato we started talking about clothes and he told me how much he liked fashion and that he had always thought of opening his own brand, but until now he had not dared to take the first step. Within everything we talked that first time, I was helping him to get the fabric of the first model he had in mind.

Well… months later Renato finally decides to take the first step. Rebels is born and along with the brand many downturns and failures. (Those who have been to my talks will know about the history of the 300 shorts that I always mention). I remember that I helped Renato with his first photo session, which ended up being very good. Back then, he was still working and Rebels was basically his hobby or experiment. As you know, I started my business at 17 and I always talk and write about how important it is to do what makes you really happy. Well, I think that after listening to me so much, Renato decided to quit his job and start doing what he liked the most and was passionate about.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday: We were in the car returning home and he told me: “It cannot be possible that you talk so much about living from our dreams and that I still do not dare to start working on what I like the most. ”He wanted to get up and go to work happy and motivated, something that was gradually disappearing from the place where he worked. It was at that moment (full of fear the truth), that I told him that if it was what he wanted, I was there to support him. 1 year and a half ago we decided to start working together and this meant working both brands hand in hand.

At the beginning it was not easy and even now it is still a challenge every day. Being able to put myself in perspective and think about what we have to do for both Meh and Rebels makes my hair stand on end, but at the same time it gives me incredible satisfaction.The patience and detail that she embodies in each garment that she makes in Rebels is something That I admire. Many times I feel that we are not moving forward, that we are doing things very slowly, that Tato stagnates in the creative and design part, but when we see the finished product we simply hug each other and what we do fills us with more happiness. The truth is that even before meeting Renato I had never met a person so passionate about fashion and to this day he never ceases to amaze me. Rebels is a unique brand, with a lot of attention to everything we offer. From the selection of fabrics that we will use to the final finish, from the design of each garment to the fit we want to achieve when the garments are put on, from accessories such as zippers and buttons to the stitching of each garment. It's not a perfect brand for anything in the world, but what we want to convey is our passion for what we do through our products. This new collection will be crazy and we hope you like it as much as we do. I know we've taken longer than usual, but trust me, we won't let you down. Well… I hope these little lines can summarize what Rebels means to us and what we want to convey to you.

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Excelente historia. No soy de leer mucho blogs pero quise leer el tuyo porque me parece interesante que jna chica tan joven haya formado una hermosa empresa con tanto cariño. Gracias por compartir tu historia con nosotras y ser de ejemplo.


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