PRINT FOR ME🐆 3 outfits for 3 different situations✌️


Animal prints o Animal Print make up a trend that works for both minimalists and maximalists and that never goes out of styleAlthough it seems that it has been there forever, it only became popular in 1960 in the United States. However, since then they began to be in the windows of all the premises and have become the favorites of women and even famous designers.

Here we leave you 3 outfits with print garments for 3 different situations:


Choosing what to wear to go to study can sometimes be tedious because we want to find something comfortable but "cute". I chose this black top which is perfect since this change of climate has not yet been decided, I combined it with this print trousers and white sneakers to be more than comfortable all day until you get home.


For those girls who go out to relax for a little while in the middle of the week 💃 I used this new print color that I love because it is out of the ordinary, a blue print dress which I combined with a denim jacket  since the dress is long cut. To close I used these boots that have a large platform that manages to stylize our legs making us look taller.


The boy you like so much asked you out at last but you don't "have new clothes"? 😒🙄 Well, for a date wearing tight things is not such a good idea, so I put together this outfit with a print blouse short that you can use it loosely or in a collected way. A black basic flared pantor and some boots . Yes, the deadly combination is print + black 🧐, it will never let you down.

Print is a trend that will never go away and that is for everyone, you just have to adapt it to your style and that's it. Sooner or later you will end up loving prints, I assure you.


* You can find all these garments in Meh San Isidro *

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