¿Por qué es importante tener una página de Facebook?

Why is it important to have a Facebook page?

It is not a secret that Instagram is one of the most used platforms today. Like everything in the world, we are governed by trends, something new is coming out and we seek to explore it and get the most out of it. A few years ago it was the BOOM of Facebook, today we have different options and we are migrating to new platforms that go more with our lifestyle.
But if we talk about social networks as a sales channel for a business, I will tell you which is the first one that you should start using or not leave aside:

Facebook is one of the networks that any startup should have and these are the reasons why we have to consider a page on this platform if we want to start our business:

to. Brand positioning: The idea is that people who hear about your business or are interested can find you in the easiest way and can reach the necessary information to get in touch. And also, who doesn't have Facebook?
On the other hand, Facebook allows us to put a physical address, a phone number and a website. In this way, our potential clients can always have something more "real" within reach to feel safe. We have the option of having an online store, where you can view the products with price, name and description. The idea of this is to keep this part up to date to put it to good use.

b. Word of mouth marketing: it is one of the most important and a good virtual option is the opinion part on Facebook, where you can read comments from people who have already used that product or service. So the customer will feel more "confident" at the time of purchase.

c. Facebook does not allow "STORIES" equal to the Instagram option where you can share visual material from day to day, to reinforce engagement.

d. Facebook allows you to advertise: It has an option called "ad manager" where it has a thousand options to make publications with a guideline ($$$) and they present you with statistics so that you can measure the results. In addition to all this, they even have a service which consists of a Facebook expert calling you directly and advising you with any questions regarding Facebook.

and. Facebook offers you a direct conversation with your customer: They can open a chat window and ask you questions. You can also customize the responses to help you instantly with information such as business hours, website, orders, etc.

F. Daily interaction: every day we connect to social networks, not to say "all day" that allows you daily interaction with all your followers. Communicating with potential clients anywhere in the world and knowing their preferences is an advantage for any business that wants to define its target audience.

g. Finally, to create a business profile on Instagram you need a Facebook page. But do not see this as a double job, but see it as an advantage multiplied by two since today these two platforms are connected and it allows you to communicate the same thing both in publications and in stories on both pages.
And well, I know that many people may think that it is basic or obvious to have a Facebook page; However, this platform has tools and functionalities that most of the people I have spoken with do not know. My recommendation is to explore the ad manager and the statistics for each of your posts. I hope this has served as a starting point for you and don't forget that every Friday I will be uploading a post with valuable content for all of us!

See you!


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Hola 💓 tengo una duda, para tener un página en Facebook es necesario registrar la marca? O puedo crear la página y dependiendo a su avance registro luegoa marca?


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