No todos los lunes son buenos

Not all mondays are good

Not all Mondays are good, nor can you start with a thousand motivation. Sometimes I want to wake up and say "this week we start with everything", but real life is not always So. This year I decided to write about "being an entrepreneur" every Monday, but this Monday it started differently, I had to accompany my mother to the doctor because she was sick to her stomach a few weeks ago. It was automatically inevitable to think of my grandparents (both died of  cancer in the stomach) and well all the way to the doctor I was a nervous manager, I said how life can change so fast, how simply bad news can change us so much and I began to think how this could affect me. Thank God it was not bad news, everything went well but I kept thinking about that. How do you prepare for these types of situations? How can we be so good and have everything "under control"?

As they say, nobody has bought health but within my entire morning process, I received a call from someone special to me who told me "don't worry, you're not alone" and I think that made me feel strong again. , that you know that even though things may be difficult, the people around us can be our support. It is important to be surrounded by people who are really part of your life, so if you are going through a bad time, remember that not every day will be good but one will come in which everything will pass and you will get up stronger, happier .

Our mind is so incredible, that it selects the moments that each one wants and reminds us of things as you want, you are the only one capable of deciding how to save each moment, you have the power to be able to start over, to re-collect moments of the life that you will lead forever. Remember: time passes and heals all wounds, So don't waste any more time. If where you are you are not happy and you do not feel that you are moving forward, YOU are the only one capable of changing that. 

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