NETFLIX & CHILL 🍿🥤 ¡Domingo de Pascuas entre la cama y tú!

NETFLIX & CHILL 🍿🥤 Easter Sunday between you and the bed!

Easter Sunday 😇Last day of the long holiday and if you traveled you should already be returning home to get things ready for the week.

We know that after a long trip all we want is to lay down and enjoy the hours we have left, so we want to avoid the hassle🙋‍♀️ of spending hours of hours looking for a good movie by leaving you 3 movies that we love in the Team Meh and what we think you will like:

1. Our Lovers:

Carlos is a 40-year-old screenwriter who is professionally frustrated and who has forgotten to dream. One day he walks into a bookstore-café and orders his first brandy, the beginning of change, as he meets Irene, a 30-year-old unemployed girl. She proposes a game to him: discover everything they have in common and turn their lives into an adventure, but without falling in love.

You can see the trailer by copying this link in your browser:

2. Pregnant:

A couple rethinks the future of their relationship with the possibility of having a child. When they finally make up their minds and take the plunge, they realize how difficult it is to conceive a child when you're close to 40. Also, he has some internal problems; she, for her part, is in the premenopausal stage.

You can see the trailer by copying this link in your browser:

3. Bridget Jones's Diary:

The daily chronicles of Bridget Jones, a funny but self-conscious young woman whose love life is always in crisis; and that she will be obsessed with the idea of losing weight, quitting smoking and finding a boyfriend.

You can see the trailer by copying this link in your browser:

We hope you can see them and that they become your favorites! 😘 There is nothing better than clearing our minds with funny situations that make us laugh out loudI'm sure there's nothing better than starting the week laughing 💁‍♀️❤️ 


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