Today we are going to talk about Instagram, there is no doubt that it is the social network of the moment. During the last semester, its number of users has grown by 23%, a number that has a great advantage compared to other social networks.

But ... Why has this social network had such an impact on our lives? Well, nowadays visual communication and social networks are the key to success. We are facing a highly visual society where we receive visual information almost daily. According to estimates by some agencies, people are exposed to 5,000 advertisements DAILY. Clearly here the phrase "everything enters through the eyes" applies and why we must innovate and present new visual material that does not bore our consumer, but I will leave that for another post.

This time I will try to summarize why it is a good time to use Instagram in a commercial way and how you can get the most out of it. I will summarize it in several (most relevant) points that allow you to understand it. But first of all, I want it to be clear to you, like everything in our life, that we need to put effort into it, nothing is magic, having Instagram or Facebook will not make you sell. That just depends on you and your skills to take advantage of these tools. And while there are steps we can follow, only you can discover which combination works best for you.
And well, without more to say, here they go:

1. STATISTICS and METRICS: Instagram opens the doors for us to have valuable information that allows you to know your audience, (TARGET PUBLIC, ORIGIN, GENDER AND MORE), this seems super valuable to me because we already know who we are addressing. It is important that we have defined who our communication goes to. It is not the same to speak to a 10-year-old girl than to a 15-year-old teenager or a 25-year-old girl, in this way we segment our audience and content. Likewise, you can see the statistics of each publication you make, a summary of "likes", comments, saves, reach, etc. It is necessary to review this daily to know what content to continue publishing.

2. STORIES: The content that we can share through this option will only be present for 24 hours, which allows us to generate daily content, where you can interact with some options that they present to us (surveys, questions, gif). To put it in simpler words, it is the way to feel closer to our audience, it can show more casual content.
3. FEED: We have to know how to generate a "visual consistency" what is that? It is to generate a similarity and order in your publications so that it is a way of recognizing your brand. But ... how do we get those? FILTERS using the same tonality in all your publications you will achieve a harmony and GRAPHIC LINE using colors, fonts according to what is established when developing the visual part of your brand.
4. CONTENT: think about what we are going to post, you have to go along one line, Instagram is a collection of images that when entering a profile will be seen collectively, therefore, they cannot be several both between one and the other. For example, in Meh, still lifes of clothes, photos of models, a collage of 4 photos (every so often), a “meme” are used every Sunday, and so on. And in this way every week an order is handled.
5. DESCRIPTION: Under each publication we have a space that must be used to the thousand, because here we must concentrate in a concise way that we want to announce. That is, the image will pull our eyes and once that attention is focused, we have a few seconds so that they can read the description and that's it.
6. IGTV: Instagram is increasingly expanding the tools to ensure that we focus all our attention on a social network. A few months ago, they launched this IGTV option where you can share videos of more than 1 minute, similar to YOUTUBE, but with a vertical format. Like everything ... it takes time and nowadays we see more and more content through this medium.
7. ADVERTISING: This social network is a window for our company since it is very easy to get new clients and followers. Just by knowing the user number people can reach you, but within advertising I am going to divide it into 3 parts.
to. ORGANIC ADVERTISING. It is the one that is generated in a "free" way by our own content and followers that we manage. Better known as "Word of mouth Marketing". In other words, it is when a user searches or finds your page without the need to have followed an ad on Facebook or Instagram.
b. ADVERTISING BY INFLUENCERS, is one of the most used techniques, contacting someone who has a significant number of followers and makes some mention of your brand either using it and tagging it. But you have to be very careful with this part. Before taking this step, it is necessary to know your audience, to know how to differentiate who can really contribute to your brand and who transmits the message that your brand handles. In other words, you have to analyze the influencer, know if it goes with the style or if he would like the product you offer, how easy it is to reach him or her, if it transmits the message you want to transmit, if it has the potential reach that you want. get, etc.
c. PAID ADVERTISING. Instagram allows us to make paid ads, where we can choose what to share, how much is our budget and where we want it to be exposed. For this to be successful, it is important to segment your audience. A fast and efficient way (for me) is the option "to people who like my page and their friends". Again, it is necessary to know what your audience is since before launching the ad you will need to fill in the fields age range, tastes and preferences, country or city, etc.
I hope this material is useful to you, that you can apply it in your companies, and remember that the tools are within your reach: It only depends on you to be able to exploit them.

If you have any questions, you can write to my personal Instagram: @winniemeh!

I will upload an entry every week on a topic relevant to entrepreneurs, so if you have an idea, it would be the best if you share it with me in the comments!

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