Several years ago, when I first went to Gamarra, I didn't know where to start. Every time I arrived I felt that I was very big and with so much to know that I felt that it would never end and it frustrated me.

However, life is putting the right people on the road. For example, my first sewing kit; with him I felt that the best option was to stay by his side to learn what he was doing and for everything to turn out the way I wanted, and I'm not wrong. 

Some time later I found a workshop which opened the doors for me to use as if it were my own and that is where I met Mrs. Miryam from whom I learned almost everything I know about making today.

To this day it seems incredible to me how life led me to meet these people with whom sometimes a simple conversation creates a bond. I know that the biggest question for many of you is how to find a good supplier, seamstress, pattern maker and more and for that my only advice that I can give you is to lose your fear, ask everything you do not know and even for pure ones. That will make you meet people who can help and teach you. There are many entire galleries like Yuyi that are dedicated to clothing.

I know that at the beginning it can be even more difficult, that there are days when not everything will turn out the way you want, but think that you have already waited too long to start that dream you have, that it is not worth postponing it any longer, than even if you start little by little that will move you forward. This life is going fast for us, think how many things you can achieve in one day!

And a fact that can help you is that many people who have their store or sell outside of Gamarra have workshops and who knows maybe there is the person you are looking for so much!

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  • Mileidy Mendoza on

    Hola, qué tal. Quiero abrir mi propia marca de ropa y pues estoy buscando a alguien que me las haga, desde el patronaje hasta las etiquetas. O sea, casi todo.
    Tendrás un contacto que me puedas compartir?

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