DENIM LOVE  ❤️¡3 Looks de Domingo según tu personalidad!👖

DENIM LOVE ❤️3 Sunday Looks according to your personality! 👖

Denim is back! This time we wanted to put together 3 different outfits for a Sunday following the Denim trend that makes everyone fall in love this fall👖

Outfit 1: "Sleepy Girl" 

We know that Sundays are for sleeping, sleeping and sleeping! 😴but sometimes a call can change the destiny of your day📲 That is why we put together this super light outfit that can fit in any situation, I combined a mom jean with an off shoulder yarn sweater and white sneakers that should never be missing in a basic outfit.

Outfit 2: "Girl´s night"

Some take advantage of Sunday to go out with friends and catch up on the last of the week 👯Who's getting married, who's done with his skinny, who's, who's not! Besides, starting the week on the right foot is the best🥂For this outfit I used a top print with a jean skirt and platforms to give the feeling that we have long and slender legs👌.

Outfit 3: "Baggy but with Classy"

Baggy lover? Loose-fitting clothes make life easier esteIn this case, I combined a pant print suede (super soft) with a red basic to give it a little more color and an oversized denim jacket to give it the fresh touch💁


I hope I have helped you with these three outfits! Remember, if you want to wear new trends, the best way to wear them is by adapting them to your style, make them yours and have fun💅

* All the garments can be found on our website & stores:

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