5 tips de emprendimiento

5 entrepreneurship tips

🌟 And I think we have all heard that when someone copies you it is because you are doing things well ... that is, "nobody copies bad ideas."

Building Meh I understood that everything takes time, that things come little by little and that if sometimes you despair because you feel that you are not moving forward, you must take a breath because without realizing it you will have achieved many things. I have always thought that the most important thing to continue growing is to do it in a transparent way and seek to generate your audience in an organic way, a client that identifies with the brand. Think that it is better to build a brick by brick, resistant castle than one of sand which the water knocks down.

I know that all of us entrepreneurs are full of dreams and sometimes we don't make the best decisions, but I have 5 tips that can help you:

  1. Create your own (real) content, be it photos, videos or posts but that are made by you
  2. Think of brands or companies related to your venture and choose what you like the most about each one and transform them in your own way, enhance them but do not copy them.
  3. Create an "ideal person" for your company and think about what they would like
  4. What will be the differential of your brand? 
  5. Think if it is something that fills your heart and always think big because dreaming keeps us alive

Remember, take things slowly, our country is full of entrepreneurs and the key is to work as a team, support whoever you can, lend a hand if it is within your reach and make every step you take worthwhile. This Saturday will be the first entrepreneurial workshop and I am excited and nervous that finally this idea can be achieved, send me a lot of energy so that everything goes well.

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