5 apps to organize yourself better

It happens to all of us, surely you have difficulties when it comes to organizing and remembering all the tasks you have to do during the day: due dates at the office, your sister's birthday, appointment at the dentist, etc.

We try to use physical diaries to write our earrings but it doesn't work for us because we forget to check it. That is why here we leave you 5 apps with which you can keep track of everything you have to do every day from a device that will sound very familiar to you: you smartphone.


1. Wunderlist

This app is ideal if you are a fan of making lists, it is a fairly simple platform that helps you when you list your tasks of all kinds; you can share them, schedule them as reminders, send it to other people in case you are tasks that involve a third party, etc. It is very practical and is available in Spanish only for Android


2. Productive

If what you need is to give a complete boost to your routine, create habits from scratch or reinforce old ones, this app is ideal for you. It is a platform to help you meet your goals, by tracking your daily activities. Something very cool about this application is that it gives you the option to create a reward system when finishing an activity and measure the performance of each task. Available on iOS.


3. Fabulous

This app shares some characteristics with Productive, but with a more interactive and motivated twist. In it you can find daily quotes to inspire you, calls to action, it also has spaces dedicated exclusively to creating and making use of your creativity, and even the option to redesign your routine around undertaking creative projects.


4. Headspace

This app gives you the tools to practice meditation techniques, awareness development and coaching from your phone or mobile device. Headspace teaches you to apply meditation to your day to day, both to exercise, go through stressful situations and even make the most of your rest time.


5. Asana

This app is to get you to produce large-scale projects, both individually and at the teamwork level. It is a platform to distribute tasks and the best thing is that you can synchronize it with your mail. You can monitor the status of your tasks, organize them according to priorities and assign them to your team members.

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