Siempre habrán complicaciones

There will always be complications

Meh is not just a clothing brand, it is a project in which I have been working to tell you from my own experience, how to undertake a dream. I have been working with the brand for 6 years, but it has only been a year steadily. Like many of you, at one point in my life, I had to decide whether to continue my job or bet on my own. At the end of my career I had to decide between having something stable or taking risks and depending on me 100%. And bet on Meh because I feel that there is always something in the heart that guides us to make the right decisions and the ones that will make us learn. Three months after making this decision, I decided to open a store in Gamarra, but I think my 21 years played against me. The desire to want to eat the world perhaps made me make hasty decisions.

The same day that I rented my premises in Gamarra, the workshop that had been working with me for 1 year told me that it could not continue with the production and confection of Meh. At that moment I was struck by the harsh reality; but thank god I learned a lot.

What I learned was that work is not easy, that earning 10 soles a day requires a lot of sacrifice, that working in Gamarra is very hard and it was also where I met different realities; families that depend on their daily sale, that fight every day to get ahead and many things that I will tell you soon in a bigger post. Finally, I decided to close that store after 3 months, and there I was again without a job and starting from scratch.

For a while I dedicated myself to reading and studying, so as not to make the same mistakes again and everything that had to be taken into account when investing. The path teaches you through experiences and mistakes and they made me the person I am now.

That is why this project continues. I really want to meet you entrepreneurs, to be able to talk, tell you and share all my experience but above all yours. Our Peru is a country of opportunities and with many entrepreneurs who want to get ahead. This week will be the first talk / workshop where I would love to get to know you a little more!

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