Sunday Plan B

Sunday Plan B

Go ahead and make a different plan this weekend. Take advantage of the fact that the entrance to the museums It is free for all Peruvians the first sunday of every month. From now on, you can plan an outing full of history and culture in Lime.

The options of the museums in lime they are varied and will not affect your pocket. You can take a free tour of these enclosures that house pieces from the pre-Hispanic era, paintings, art sculptures and preserved huacas. In addition, musical shows, painting workshops, ceramics and much more will be offered.


The Museum of Italian Art of Lima


The Italian Art Museum of Lima is located in the historic center of Lima, one of the museums of Lima particular because is the only European art in Peru where works from the beginning of the twentieth century are appreciated. In fact, it is the only Italian art museum of the world outside of Italy. On its façade there are 2 large mosaics where important figures such as Christopher Columbus, Dante Alighieri, San Francisco de Asis, Leonardo da Vinci Y Marco Polo

On its façade there are 2 large mosaics where important figures such as Christopher ColumbusDante AlighieriSan Francisco de AsisLeonardo da Vinci Y Marco Polo.


MATE Museum

MATE is the only museum in the world dedicated to permanently exhibiting the work of photographer Mario Testino. After 35 years residing abroad, it was the artist's personal desire to house and preserve his photographic work in Lima, his hometown, as a contribution to the cultural heritage of Peru. 

In addition to the Permanent Collection, the museum presents temporary exhibits with the work of artists and foreigners.

Every Sunday of each month the entrance to the MATE Museo Mario Testino will be free. 


Museum of Natural History



The Natural History Museum "Vera Alleman Haeghebaert" was created on November 27, 1991, starting with a paleontological collection collected by the students of the Faculty of Biology, later, with cooperative agreements with other institutions, the collections were increased in Zoology and Botany.
You can find four collections: Paleontology, Zoology, Botany and Osteology. It is especially attractive, especially for the little ones, the exhibition of dinosaur skeletons. Here children can simulate the excavation process using models that allow them to make their own discoveries and thus learn a little more about the work of paleontologists.

Thanks to Law No. 30599, approved by the Congress of the Republic of Peru in 2017, the program 'Open Museums' links art and heritage on the first Sunday of each month, allowing Peruvians to enter all museums, archaeological sites and historical places administered by the State for free Don't wait any longer and visit the city!


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