Ser empresario no es para cualquiera

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone

It's true? They say it depends on how much you want something, that will be for you. And it applies to everything in life, many of us feel like it, we dream a lot, but ... Do we do something to achieve it? You cannot imagine how many times I have felt that this is not for me, that maybe I chose the wrong path, that I have too many responsibilities and that I never advance enough. I call these thoughts "brutus lapses" because they are the easy paths I could take. But ... I put myself in other situations: If I am going to climb a mountain and I am in the middle, what would be easier to go down or keep going up? That depends on each. It is true that to be an entrepreneur or a businessman you need a lot of courage and sacrifice. You have to know that very few are going to know what you are up against. Every day you have a new challenge and you will want to do everything in one day, but as I always say, patience and good humor!

Remember that this road is long and seems never ending when you are a “Young” entrepreneur. Remember that your office at the beginning will be your room, it will be your house and your computer. Relax, little by little your new companions will arrive. Give time to the time. The most beautiful thing about this is that you can choose them yourself. Remember that you will hardly ever have a fixed salary but it is up to you to get a raise or a little escape ☝🏻, your friends will tell you that you never have "time" but the real ones will understand and support you. Your family will see you less and less and will begin to doubt you, but you have to prove otherwise. Sometimes you will end up very tired, but then you will feel so happy that all that emotion will not enter you. So remember that the goal is always ahead, never behind. ♥


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