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Many times I wonder what would have happened if I had not encouraged myself to continue with Meh. Being an entrepreneur is a path that depends on attitude and aptitude, that is what allows you to move forward and go one step further. It is about facing problems and teaching them, taking risks to continue growing, making decisions with your head and heart. There are difficult situations that arise and become more difficult when they involve people who earn your love and trust. Learning to make decisions is something I work on every day.

Because that's how life is: it hits but does not fall. For more gray days you have, do not give up the desire to do what can change your life, do not stop believing in yourself. Remember that there is always a new day to start from scratch💫

Soon Meh will have a space dedicated to all of you entrepreneurs, to do our bit on your way. Never stop dreaming ✨ and don't give up 🌟

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