De emprendedor a emprendedor

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur

I love to remember my self from the past, to laugh at everything I have lived. It is good to remember, because we are made of experiences. Many years ago I wanted to know real experiences of entrepreneurs, we are used to reading cases of "success" and we compare ourselves, getting frustrated with people we do not know. Many times I questioned why I was not equal to such a person or because I never advanced enough. Well ... after many years, many crying and more, I already know the answer: It's because I'm not them! I am a person in a different rhythm, who is trying his best not to give up on this path. The most difficult thing is to realize that everything has its time, that progress is better slowly but surely. And that you cannot live comparing yourself. But now writing all this, a question arises, what would I say to my self from 8 years ago? Well ... I would tell you not to get frustrated, that by force nothing works out. And you ... What would you say to your self 5 years ago? Now think about that and apply it to your present. Entrepreneurs are full of failures, so don't panic if something doesn't go right. It does not always link us to the first. Laugh at all those thousand projects that you have started and never finished, for which you have already started and for everything you want to achieve. You cannot imagine how many projects I have tried and will continue to do. Because there is nothing more beautiful than doing something for you. Being an entrepreneur is not just having a business, we are all entrepreneurs, we all have a family, dreams and projects. The most important thing is to have that soul full of desire and when you feel that you do not have them, think again why you wanted to do it, think that life is so short that it does not deserve not to do it, that it is better to know that you tried. If you got this far it is because you are a ♥ entrepreneur and this blog is a space to tell you a little more about myself about Winnie as I am and start undertaking together.


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Es un lujo leer todos tus logros y emprendimientos… Q más quisiera yo, tener eso… Yo vendo algunas cositas x internet, para sacar adelante a mis 2 hijos,pero siempre tengo miedo de arriesgarme. Xq siempre me dicen para q lo vas hacer, si no tienes pasta para las ventas….

Rosario Araoz

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