¿Cómo empezó todo?

How it all started?

Remembering how Meh started gives me goosebumps, I can't believe 6 years have passed this fast and full of so many things. He was 17 years old and had a camera with which he worked, doing photo shoots with other clothing brands. One day I got curious and I decided to go to Gamarra, I told a friend about the idea and she liked the idea, we bought some jeans and made them short, we bought studs, we decorated them and our first "collection" came out. time I had a lover to whom we called "peje", he was also part of this first stage of Meh. After a few months Gamarra was not an unknown place for me, every day I knew something new, I screwed up a thousand times and my first The polo shirts were terrible. However, the page grew and it was difficult to do everything at once: study, work and work on the brand. But sometimes life gives us challenges and you have to draw strength from where you can not imagine so that nothing can stop. Make 4 years, from one day to the next I lost an important person "peje" and at that moment I understood that life we have to enjoy, risk and encourage ourselves to do everything that we do not believe we are capable of achieving. 

After all this I was not sure whether to leave it there or continue with Meh but 3 months later, my best friend joined me in this dream and we opened our first showroom. Every weekend that passed, more people came, I needed more merchandise and I realized that having something of my own was what I wanted the most. A year later I opened my first store, with the help of my grandmother and my mother, a year and a half later I opened my second store in Gamarra in which I screwed up again (I'll tell you one day) and a few months ago I opened my third store in Magdalena, which helped Meh grow in a way that I did not expect. 
If you ask me if the road is easy, I will tell you that it is not, but there is nothing that makes me happier than to see how much I have advanced. Time and what one learns along the way is key and I know that everything that happens to us in life makes us the person we are.
6 years ago I did not imagine everything I would be capable of. I know that by deciding to follow my dream, the holidays are over, I will never have a fixed salary, I will always be thinking about what to do to improve, but believe me that everything is worth it. 

After a long time I understood how the saddest moments make you stronger and push you to move forward. I know that dreams do not come about by themselves and that we have to learn to let go of certain things and people to continue growing. 
The only way to get where you want is to try and believe in yourself. Life took 3 important people to me in the time that I have Meh, but also life surrounded me with beautiful people again, who day by day fight with me in this dream. 

Be grateful for everything you have now, for what you did not have and today without realizing it is there, thank the greatest and the smallest.

Today at 24 years old, I returned my dream my whole life, every day that happens things change and I don't know where Meh will take me in a few years, but what I do know is that the mind is our most powerful weapon and everything. that we think we can attract. Take everything to your heart and never give up, there is always another way by which we can reach the final goal. ✨✨✨
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