3 Outfits inspirados en películas de los 90's

3 Outfits inspired by 90's movies

There are some trends that never die and I think especially the fashion that emerged in the nineties, one of them is the use of denim in various garments such as pants, jackets and even dresses, also clothes with patterns such as stripes, plaid Even the print. Today some trends have been brought back that is why I decided to make 3 outfits inspired by movies and series:

Outfit 1: Clueless

When this movie came out in 1995 it totally changed, bright colors and patterns took over the era. To recreate the atmosphere of the time I used a red Welsh pant with a white sweater. 

Outfit 2: Friends

A series that I am totally sure you must have seen more than 30 times and that you would not mind seeing it another 30 times. Friends shows us how each person has their own style so marked and it was impossible to see Rachel Green badly dressed! I wore a red crop top with the classic round neck plus a mom jean, I think this could be an outfit inspired by Monica Geller.

Outfit 3: To All the Boys I Love

Yes! I know this is a recent movie but the outfits that the actors wear really caught my attention. Bright colors like yellow, fuchsia stand out among the outfits. I wore a colorful jumper with a ripped half jean skirt and ankle boots. A comfortable and practical look.

As you can see, there are some trends that never die, they only adapt and sometimes even overshadow the new ones. And you, do you have any vintage trends that you would like to bring back?

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